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Scientific name: Lama guanicoe

The basics:
The Guanaco belongs to the Camelid family of Llamas, Alpacas and Vicunas. They are native to the arid, mountainous regions of South America. The Guanaco lives in small bands of females, usually led by a male. The global estimate for the guanaco population is below 600,000 animals, and almost 90% of the population is found in Argentina. Specialist breeders have created small Guanaco herds in many countries around the world - where the animals are used for their fiber.

Appearance / health:
Guanaco range from a light brown to dark cinnamon color, and shading to white underneath. Guanacos have grey faces and small straight ears. They are extremely striking with their large, alert brown eyes, streamlined form, and energetic pace.

Housing / diet:
Guanaco are not considered to be picky eaters, and in captivity are allowed to graze, and fed supplemental hay, protein blocks and occasional whole grains. Guanaco are ruminants, and like cows, their stomach has three chambers.

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