Australian Teamster Donkey

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Scientific name: Equus asinus

The basics:
According to the Donkey All Breeds Society of Australia, "The Australian Teamster developed over 150 years of isolation in the arid regions of Australia into an excellent medium sized Donkey, and its name gives recognition to their original purpose. Around the late 1800's there are records of specific breeds being brought to Australia. These include Andalusian, Maltese, and the American Jackstock. Many documented imports exist of American Jackstock up to 15 hh. One of these Jacks had offspring shown as early as 1881 at Sydney Show. The last known import of these large Donkeys was in 1935."

"Many breeders based their studs solely on the descendants of the original team Donkeys found in outback, for reasons of preference of style or size, also, importantly, for their historical and heritage links. Far from being a work animal, the Teamster now is usually found as a recreational animal for harness, under saddle or pack, in the show ring, and as a devoted companion."

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