Andalusian Donkey

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Scientific name: Equus asinus

Other common names: Asno Andaluz; Asnal Andaluza; Burro Andaluz-Cordobés; Andalusian-cordobes Donkey; Córdoba donkey; Giant Andaluz Donkey; Donkey Lucena

The basics:
The Andalusian donkey is a tall and lean Spanish breed which is native to Córdoba in Andalusia. The exact origins of the Andalusian Donkey are unknown. One theory is that they are related to the Egyptian donkey, and were brought to Spain as early as 1,000 BCE. Another theory is that they were brought to Spain during the Umayyad Muslim invasion of Spain in the 8th century.

With the arrival of mechanization in the early 1900's, the Andalusian Donkey was no longer necessary for transport and farming, and their population drastically declined. Today, the Asnal Andaluza is considered to be critically endangered.

Appearance / health:
The Andalusian donkey is a large donkey, standing between 14.2-15 hands. They are primarily dappled grey and red roan, and have a large head, a thick jaw, and a Roman nose.

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