Murciana Goat

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Other common names: Murcian Goat, Murcien Goat, Murciene Goat, Royal Murciana Goat

The basics:
The Murciana Goat is a dual-purpose breed from southeastern Spain. The Murciana Goat is notable for its short and horizontal ears.

In the 1930's, the Murciana Goat was one of the breeds used to create the LaMancha Goat in the United States.

Appearance / health:
The LaMancha is a medium-to-large-sized milking goat with short, fine, and glossy hair. The head is wide, long, and tapering, with a straight nose. The legs are straight, strong, and wide-set. The male has a full beard. The LaMancha comes in different colors.

What distinguish LaMancha Goats from other goats are its two types of earflaps: the elf ear, which is 2 inches in length, and the gopher ear, which is 1 inch in length with very little cartilage.

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