Kalahari Red Goat

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Other common names: South African Kalahari Red

The basics:
The Kalahari Red Goat was developed in South Africa. The breed was first named in 1990 by South African breeder Albie Horn, and in 2000, a national championship was held at Bloemfontein, South Africa. According to the Agricultural Research Council of South Africa, "The Kalahari Red Goat was originally selected from red coloured, lop-eared, indigenous goats and from red Boer and Savanna goats with red colouration. As the animals began to show uniformity, it was given breed status."

Today the Kalahari Red Goat is an important meat-producing breed in South Africa, and populations are also being developed in Australia, Brazil, and the United States. The Kalahari Red Goat is suited to semi-desert and arid conditions and has good foraging and mothering abilities. Genetic testing has found differences between the Kalahari Red and the Boer Goat, though breeders are concerned that the Kalahari Red might become diluted over time if crossbred with Red Boer goats (a cross between the Boer goat and the Kalahari Red goat).

Appearance / health:
The Kalahari Red Goat has a solid rd color. They are fully pigmented and are therefore able to endure heat and strong sun.

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