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Other common names: Old English Goat; Old British Goat; British Primitive Goat

The basics:
The English Goat is a small, hardy goat native to England which was the only goat breed in Britain prior to the importation of Swiss Alpine and Nubian Goats in the 18th century. According to the British Feral Goat Research Group, "The breed descends from the goats introduced by the first farmers in the Neolithic period. It was this little, hairy all-weather goat that was moved around the periphery of Europe by the Celts, Vikings and Saxons. It sustained the people of the bronze and iron ages alongside a few cattle and sheep."

"The British Primitive Goat is now one of our rarer breeds. 200 years ago there were not less than a million domestic goats, belonging to out old British breed, in Scotland and Northern England. As agricultural practices changed, however, the goat became less and less popular. When, in the 1870's, a Victorian goat revival began to reinstate it as 'the poor man's cow', culminating with the founding of the British Goat Society in 1879, no one was by then interested in the old British breed. They were simply too small, hairy and inconveniently horned. What was wanted was a big goat with a short and smooth coat and no horns that gave plenty of milk."

The English Goat Breeders Association (EGBA) and the Old English Goat Society (OEGS) have been formed to preserve this native goat breed.

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English Goat

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