Dutch Landrace Goat

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Other common names: De Nederlandse Landgeit; Dutch Country Goat

The basics:
The Dutch Landrace Goat (De Nederlandse Landgeit) is an old, and now rare breed of long-haired goats which was originally found in many northern European countries. By the 1950's there were only several pairs of the breed still alive, but a concerted effort by members of the According to the Landelijke Fokkersclub Nederlandse Landgeiten (LFNL) have apparently saved the breed. There are now about 2,000 goats and 200 breeders registered in the studbook of the LFNL.

Appearance / health:
De Nederlandse Landgeit is a medium sized, long-haired goat, and is distinguished by large horns. The Dutch Country Goat comes in many different colors, but is typically white with black, grey or brown spots.

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