Alpine Goat x Nubian Goat Cross

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The basics:
The Alpine Goat originated in the Swiss Alps. They were brought to France and eventually to the United States as French-Alpine Goats, which were more productive than the original Swiss herds. The Alpine Goat is a productive dairy breed.

The Nubian or Anglo-Nubian Goat was developed in England by crossing native British milking goats (Old English Milch and Zariby) with Nubian breeds supposedly from the Middle East, Northeastern Africa, Egypt, Russia, or India. Their warm climate heritage accounts for their longer breeding season than other dairy goats.

Appearance / health:

Housing / diet:


hardy goat, beautiful coloring, crossbred vigor, complete lover


finely chiseled faces, leafy spurge

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Alpine Goat x Nubian Goat Cross

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