Steinbacher Goose

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Scientific name: Anser anser domesticus

Other common names: Steinbach Fighting Goose; Steinbacher Kampfgans

The basics:
The Steinbacher Goose was developed during the early 20th century in Thuringia, Germany. Originally bred as a fighting goose, the Steinbacher's popularity never took off, as goose fighting was banned throughout much of Europe shortly after the breeds creation. The Steinbacher was officially recognized in German in 1932, and the United Kingdom in 1997. Today, the Steinbacher is raised for its meat, pet and ornamental properties.

Varieties: Blue, Buff, Bray, Cream
Uses: Meat, Pets, Ornamental, Weeding
Temperament: Friendly and calm
Weight: 15 - 17 lbs
Parenting abilitiy: Good
Noise level: Average
Meat production: Good
Egg production: 12 - 15 per year

What else you should know:
Steinbacher geese do not respond well to overfeeding or rich diets. It is best to keep them on pasture, so they get plenty of exercise and vegetation.

Despite it's history as a fighting goose, the Steinbacher is known for its non aggressive and even friendly and calm personality. It is true that ganders will fight to establish a pecking order, but fighting is not known to be dangerous and usually results in a couple of damaged feathers.

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