Roman Goose

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Scientific name: Anser anser domesticus

Other common names: Tufted Roman Goose; Roman Tufted Goose; Tufted Roman

The basics:
The Roman Goose has a long and romantic history dating back over 2,000 years. Ancient Romans believed them to be a friend of the goddess Juno, and credited them to saving Rome. In 365 BC, the capital of Rome was attacked by the Gauls, who planned a sneak attack during the dark of the night. However, their plan failed as the flapping wings and loud calls of the Roman Geese announced their arrival, and awoke the slumbering Marcus Manlius.

Variety: White
Uses: Guard, Meat, Pet, Ornamental, Weeding
Temperament: calm and usually friendly, very alert
Weight: 10 - 12 lbs
Parenting abilities: Excellent
Noise level: Above average
Capable of flight: No
Meat production: A fine and plump roasting fowl
Egg production: 25- 35 eggs per year
Egg color: White

What else you should know:
Goslings may show some white in their first year. This usually disappears with their first molt.

In Europe, the Roman goose is raised more for utility and is more often found without a crest. In the United States this breed is commonly raised for ornamental reasons and almost always has a crest.


feathery bulge


sneaky goose, meat production


compact bodies

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