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Scientific name: Anser anser domesticus

Other common names: Bremen Goose; L'oie d'Emden; Emder Gans

The basics:
The Embden Goose is a large domestic breed of geese. It is thought to have been developed in the town of Emden, in Saxony, Germany. The Germans originally bred this goose to be rather tall and slim in size, and the English where said to have further refined the breed into what it is today. The Embden Goose was imported to the United States from Germany in 1820, and was initially called "Bremans" after their port of departure.

Variety: White
Uses: Guard, Meat, Pet, Ornamental, Weeding
Temperament: Nice and social breed, but ganders can be extremely protective during breeding season
Weight: 20 - 31 lbs
Parenting abilities: Excellent
Noise level: Above average
Capable of flight: No
Meat production: Excellent meat fowl
Egg production: 10 - 30 eggs per year
Egg color: White

What else you should know:
Goslings can be sexed after they hatch, by looking at their down color. Ganders hatch a lighter gray. As they mature, all Embden geese will be white. Young females occasionally have gray feathers, but they will loose these in their first molt.

Embden geese are known to have a short temper when it comes to dogs, and have a particular distaste for smaller dogs.

Embden geese from the UK, tend to be a bit shorter and heavier then those that are raised elsewhere.


watchdogs, goose meat production, great egg layers, great foragers, rapid growth, goose eggs


sexual maturity, loud, hissy creatures, meanest geese, Bitey, Aggressive Bird


strong imprint instinct, pure white feathers, bit swanlike, bright blue eyes

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