Chinese Goose

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Scientific name: Anser cygnoides domesticus

Other common names: Chinese Swan Goose; Brown Chinese Goose; Chinese Brown Goose

The basics:
The Chinese Goose is a domesticated breed that was developed in China, from the wild Asiatic Swan Goose. They have been bred in China for hundreds of years, and arrived in Europe and the United States during the 1700s. Since then, the Chinese Goose has been imported throughout the world, and is one of the most common of the geese breeds.

Varieties: Brown, White
Uses: Guard, Meat, Ornamental, Pet, Weeding
Temperament: Alert, curious and loud, with personality varying from friendly to highly aggressive
Weight: 10 - 12 lbs
Parenting abilities: Varies, but most bloodlines are good parents
Noise level: One of the loudest breeds
Capable of Flight: Yes, but rarely does so
Meat production: Very good
Egg production: 40 - 80 per year
Egg color: White

What else you should know:
At eight weeks of age, the Chinese goose can be sexed by looking at it's basel knob. Ganders will have a larger knob.

The Chinese goose's knob is prone to frostbite, and therefore these geese will need extra care during the winter.


delicious meat, great mothers, great tasting eggs, crisp skin, larger bird


commercial desktop incubators, great brooders, egg turner

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