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Buff Back Goose

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Scientific name: Anser anser domesticus

Other common names: Grey Back Goose; Greyback Goose

The basics:
Pied geese have been noted in history for centuries, and were commonly raised in Baltic region of Europe. The Buff and Grey Back goose's exact origins and original breeding are unclear, but it is assumed that the breed was developed from pied waterfowl hailing from the Baltic area. The Buff and Grey Back Goose was first standardized in the United Kingdom, in 1982.

Varieties: Buff and White, Grey and White
Use: Meat, Ornamental, Pet, Weeding
Temperament: Friendly if hand raised
Weight: 15.5 - 22 lbs
Parenting abilities: Often broody, excellent mother
Noise level: Average
Capable of flight: Rarely
Meat production: Excellent and plump meat fowl
Egg production: 20 - 30 per year
Egg color: White

What else you should know:
It is normal for older Buff and Grey Backed geese will develop white around their bill. 

The Buff and Grey Backed goose can be easily confused with the Pomeranian goose, as their pied plumage is very similar. However, they can be told apart by looking at their lobes. The Pomeranian is a single lobed fowl, while the Buff and Grey Backed goose has two lobes.

from breeders/sellers

Breeders and sellers have to jump through hoops to get RightPet listings, literally, we make them do circus tricks. Unfortunately no one has met our high acrobatic standards for this animal yet, but hopefully they will soon!

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We've had no luck finding any of these frisky fellas so far, even though we've put up wanted posters and everything! But don't worry, we're working on it!

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