American Buff Goose

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Scientific name: Anser anser domesticus

The basics:
The American Buff Goose is a critically endangered breed, that originated in the United States during the early 1900s. Unfortunately, the creators of the breed's history has either been lost or never documented. The breed is thought to have beeb developed from the North American wild Greylag, or from buff European imports such as the Buff Back, Pomeranian and Pilgrim.

Variety: Buff
Uses: Meat, Ornamental, Pets, Weeding
Temperament: Friendly, calm, social and curious natured
Weight: 16 - 18 lbs
Parenting abilities: Excellent
Noise level: Average
Capable of flight: No
Meat production: Excellent roasting goose, that cleans nicely
Egg production: 15 - 25 per year
Egg color: White

What else you should know:
There is a tufted variety of American Buff Geese.

When given a proper diet, a female goose can produce goslings in her first year. Many breeders recommend taking a year old goose's first clutch from her, and allowing her to incubate her second clutch. This tends to have better results.


free-range, great weeders, excellent watch dogs, friendliest goose, good brooder, beautiful buff color


loud honking, occasional bumble foot, feisty ganders, breeding season


excellent grazers, heavy weight breed

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American Buff Goose

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