Silver Appleyard Duck

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Scientific name: Anas platyrhynchos domesticus

Other common names: Large Appleyard

The basics:
The Silver Appleyard duck is named after its orginator, Reginald Appleyard of Suffolk, England. Mr. Appleyard developed his ducks in the early 1930s, as he wanted a prime meat fowl that would keep him amply supplied with large white eggs. His Appleyards success was short lived. Most of his fowl did not survive World War II, and after the war, interest in raising waterfowl rapidly declined. Today, the Silver Appleyard is critically endangered.

There is a Silver Appleyard bantam, or miniture version. These ducks where created by Tom Barlett, during the 1980's. They are very rare, but are reported to be making a comeback.

Varieties: Silver
Uses: Eggs, Exhibition Meat, Ornamental, Pets
Personality: Calm and friendly
Suitable housing: Free range during the day, or large pen
Capable of flight: No
Weight: 8 - 9 lbs
Broody: Yes
Noise level: Below average
Egg production: Very good (4/week)
Egg color: White
Meat production: Very good, gourmet quality roasting fowl

What else you should know:
The Silver Appleyard duck is considered to be one of the best egg producers amongst heavy weight ducks.

Many Silver Appleyard bloodlines are underweight. It is important to weight and select your breeders to have well muscled bodies. Fowl that are too heavy, and have difficulties foraging or mating naturally should be avoided as well.

Drake Appleyard ducks tend to get lighter in color with age, while the hens tend to darken with age.


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