Pomeranian Duck

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Scientific name: Anas platyrhynchos domesticus

Other common names: Pommern Duck, Pommernente

The basics:
The Pomeranian Duck is an extremely rare landrace breed, from the Balitc Sea coastal shores of Pomerania. The breed is considered German in heritage, but was created on the German and Swiss border. The Pomeranian ducks ancestry consisted of a mix of Shetland and Swedish ducks. Today, the breed has less, then 600 known birds within Europe and is considered endangered.

Varieties: Black, Blue
Uses: Eggs, Meat, Ornamental
Personality: Social and chatty
Suitable housing: Free range during the day, or large pen
Capable of flight: Yes
Weight: 5.5 - 6.6 lbs
Broody: Yes
Noise Level: Very loud and talkative
Egg production: Fair, about 70 - 100 per year
Egg color: White
Meat production: Excellent meat fowl

What else you should know:
Males are usually breed to three to four hens. The drakes do not sit on the nest, but will remain nearby to stand guard.

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