Mule Duck

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Scientific name: Anas platyrhynchos x Cairina moschata

Other common names: Moulard, Hinnie, Barbary

The basics:
Mule Ducks are a hybrid, or cross breed of a Muscovy Drake and Pekin female. This cross is used to create a white feathered, fast hatching and lean meat fowl. Mule ducks are extremely common and raised commercially in France where they are prized for their foie gras, and in China and Tiawan for their firm and non fatty flesh.

If a Pekin drake is crossed to a Muscovy hen then, the offspring are called Hinnies. Mule and Hinnie ducks are sterile.

Varieties: Pied, White
Uses: Foie Gras, Meat
Personality: Calm, lazy and friendly
Suitable housing: Free range during the day, or large a pen
Capable of flight: No
Weight: 8.8 lbs at 9 weeks of age
Broody: No
Noise level: Below average
Eggs production: Not applicable
Egg color: Not applicable
Meat production: Excellent quality meat fowl. Mules ducks produce less fat then most duck breeds and are highly prized for their livers.

What else you should know:
To create a Mule duck most breeders use artificial insemination. This is because in a natural setting, fertility is only 20% - 30%. Artificial insemination increases fertility to 80%.

For some reason, 60% of mule ducks hatch as males. Males are often preferred and raised for foi gras, while females are raised for meat.

Pekin ducks take approximately twenty-eight days to hatch, while Muscovies take thirty-five. The Mule duck takes thirty-two days to hatch.


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