Bali Duck

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Scientific name: Anas platyrhynchos domesticus

Other common names: Balinese Crested Duck; Crested Runner Duck

The basics:
The Bali duck is one of the oldest breeds of domesticated waterfowl. The breed was developed on the island of Bali, located in Indonesia. The Bali is believed to be the foundational ancestor to the Indian Runner Duck. The Indian Runner has a very similar appearance to its less popular relative, but can be told apart by displaying a slightly lower angle than the upright standing Bali.

Varieties: Brown, Wild Mallard, White
Uses: Exhibition, Eggs
Personality: Social when expecting treats
Suitable housing: Free range during the day, or large pen
Capable of flight: Yes, but unlikely to fly unless startled
Weight: 5 - 6 lbs
Broody: Yes
Noise level: Average
Egg production: Very Good (4/week)
Egg color: Blue, Green, White
Meat Quality: Poor

What else you should know:
The crested gene is dominant and possess a lethal variant. If two crested ducks are bred, a number of their ducklings will die in the shell due to skull deformities. Therefore, many breeders only breed crested fowl to non-crested partners. This causes 50% of the ducklings to hatch with crests, but maximizes hatch ability.


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Bali Duck

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