White Faced Black Spanish Chicken

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Willem Hoekstra

Other common names: Black Spanish Chicken; WFBS; WFB; White Faced Blue Spanish Bantam

The basics:
The White Faced Black Spanish Chicken originated in Spain, and is one of the oldest fowl in the "Mediterranean class" of chickens. The Mediterranean Class includes Italian and Spanish poultry breeds, and these chickens are known for their white ear lobes.

The White Faced Black Spanish Chicken came to the Americas through the Caribbean Islands and was especially popular in the US southern states during colonial times. The standard sized White Faced Black Spanish Chicken was admitted into the American Poultry Association in 1874. The bantam size of the breed was admitted to the Standard in 1960.

Types: Bantam, Largefowl
Varieties (Single Comb): Black
Uses: Eggs, Meat, Ornamental, Preservation
Bantam: 26 - 30 oz
Largefowl: 6.5 - 8 lbs
Personality: Shy and afraid of sudden noise and movement
Broody: No
Preferred climate: Warm
Handles confinement: Yes
Egg Production: Good (3/week)
Egg color: White
Egg size: Large - Extra Large

What else you should know:
The White Faced Black Spanish has been classified as criticaly endangered, by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

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