Thuringian Chicken

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Other common names: Thuringia Thuringian, Thuringia Thuringian dwarf, Thüringer Barthahn

The basics:
The Thuringian chicken originated in the town of Rhula, Germany. The breed has existed since at least 1750, and was popular amongst small farmers. It was called Pausbaken in the 18th century, which translates to chubby cheeked. Thuringians are thought to have been developed from the Paduans and Otterheads. The breed is uncommon, but not considered endangered.

Types: Bantam, Largefowl
Varieties (Single Comb): Black, Blue, Buff, Chamois Spangled, Cuckoo, Gold Spangled, Partridge, Red, Silver Spangled
Uses: Eggs, Meat, Ornamental
Bantam: 21 - 25 oz
Largefowl: 3 - 6 lbs
Personality: Social and sweet natured
Broody: Rarely
Preferred climate: Any
Handles confinement: Yes
Egg production: Good (3/week)
Egg color: White
Egg size: Large

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