Pavlovskaya Hen

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Other common names: Pavlovskaya, Pavlov

The basics:
The Pavlovskaya hen is an ancient breed from Russia, with lost origins. By the late 1800’s, the breed was thought to be extinct. However, birds were found to be raised by peasants and craftsmen in the town of Pavlova.

Today, the breed is very rare even in its native country. Greenfire Farms has recently imported the Pavlovskaya hen to the United States.

Types: Largfowl
Varieties (V Comb): Black, Back and White, Gold, Porcelain, Silver, Smoke, Salmon, Yellow, White
Uses: Eggs, Meat, Ornamental, Preservation
Weight: 3 - 4 lbs
Personality: Sweet natured and social.
Broody: Yes
Preferred climate: Cool and dry
Handles confinement: Yes
Egg production: Fair - Good (2 or 3/week)
Egg color: White
Egg size: Medium to Large

What else you should know:
To prevent your chickens crests from freezing, it is best to provide shelter for your Pavlov chickens, or put a roof on their run. Crests will also need checked for lice and mites, which often make home there.

Feathered feet can freeze if birds are left to walk in mud or accumulated snow. Keep your birds in a dry pen, or check them daily for frozen ice balls. Feathered legs also commonly develop scaly mites. To kill scaly mites on feather footed breed, it is recommended to get a spray (chicken friendly pesticide) that you can apply directly to their legs.

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