Orust Chicken

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Other common names: Orusthöna

The basics:
The Orust chicken is an old landrace chicken breed, originating on the Island of Orust in Sweden. These lean and beautiful fowl have been free-ranging the shores, and providing the local fishing communities with plentiful medium sized white eggs, for many years.

Current numbers are estimated at only 500. Conservation efforts are being conducted by the Svenska Lanthönsklubben (Swedish Country Chicken Club).

Types: Largefowl
Varieties (Single Comb): Black and White Speckled
Uses: Eggs, Preservation
Weight: 2.5 - 4.5 lbs
Personality: Alert and nervous
Broody: Occasionally
Preferred climate: Cool
Handles confinement: No
Egg production: Good (3/week)
Egg color: White
Egg size: Large


tough conditions


fight, meat, eggs

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