Marlerault Chicken

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Other common names: Poule Le Merlerault

The basics:
The Marlerault Chicken is a breed which was developed near the town of Merlerault, in the Normandy region of France. Le Poule Le Merlerault nearly became extinct in the second half of the twentieth century, when French breeder JC Périquet restored the breed.

Types: Bantam, Largefowl
Varieties (V - Comb): Black, Blue
Uses: Eggs, Meat, Ornamental, Preservation
Bantam: 800 - 900 grams
Largefowl: 6.5 - 8 lbs
Personality: Shy and afraid of sudden noise and movement.
Broody: Rarely
Preferred climate: Any
Handles confinement: Yes
Egg production: Very good (4/week)
Egg color: White
Egg size: Extra Large

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