Izegem Chicken

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Other common names: Izegem Cuckoo; Cuckoo d'izegem; Coucou d'Izegem

The basics:
The Izegem is an ancient breed, that has been in existence since at least 1554. During, the 1900’s, the breed was popular throughout Izegem and West-Flanders, until the first World War. After World War I and II, the breed practically disappeared. Thankfully, it was revived by breeders in the early 1970's.

Types: Largefowl
Varieties (Rosecomb): Cuckoo
Uses: Eggs, Meat, Preservation
Weight: 7 - 9 lbs
Personality: Docile and sweet
Broody: Yes, after March
Preferred climate: Cool
Handles confinement: Yes
Egg production: Good (3/week)
Egg color: Brown
Egg size: Extra Large

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