Hesbaye Chicken

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The basics:
The Hesbaye was once a common breed found on farms in the Namur region of Belgium. However, the first World War nearly killed the breed. In 1905 there was a study of the breed, and it was re-created by Walloon breeders.

Types: Largefowl
Varieties (Single Comb): Black Tailed Buff
Uses: Eggs, Preservation
Weights: 5 - 8 lbs
Personality: Energetic, but social enough to accept hand held treats.
Broody: Rarely
Preferred climate: Warm
Handles confinement: Large coops only.
Production: Good (3/week)
Egg color: White
Egg size: Large

What else you should know:
The Hesbaye is a strong flier. If you intend to coop them, they will require high fencing or a roof.

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