Gallo Combatiente Espanol Chicken

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Other common names: Gallo Combatiente Español; Combatiente Español

The basics:
The Gallo Combatiente Español is a gamefowl breed which was developed in the 18th century in Andalusia, Spain from birds originally brought from Southeast Asia. The Gallo Combatiente Español has traditionally been used for cockfighting.

There are three types of Combatiente Español chickens: the Spanish Fighter; the Jerezano Spanish Fighter, and the Canario Spanish Fighter. The three types where refined in different locations, and do differ from each other in appearance and type.

Types: Spanish, Jerezano, Canario
Varieties (Males are traditionally dubbed): Colorados (Partridge), Pinto (Black and White), Melado (Chestnut), Giro (Gold Duckwing), and more
Uses: Fighting, Ornamental, Preservation
Weight: 1 - 4 lbs
Personality: Wild, not an good pet. Roosters are highly aggressive and must be separated.
Preferred climate: Any
Handles confinement: No
Egg production: Fair (2/week)

What else you should know:
There is a rumpless version of the Combatiente Espanol. Like many rumpless fowl, you may experience lower fertility in your flock. If so, pairing the birds into twos or trios, will help increase your hatch rate.

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