Empordanesa Chicken

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The basics:
The Empordanesa is closely related to the Penedesenca Chicken, a breed that was developed in Catalonia, Spain in around 1921. The only difference between the two breeds is that the Empordanesa come in sold red and white colors, colors that are not found in the Penedesenca.

Types: Largefowl
Varieties (Carnation Comb): Dark, Light Buff, Red, White
Uses: Eggs, Preservation
Weight: 4 - 5 lbs
Personality: Empordanesa chickens are extremely active, and shy from humans. Birds can fly well, and if you intend to confine them they will need their wings clipped, or an enclosed run.
Broody: Rarely
Preferred climate: Warm
Handles confinement: No
Egg production: Good (3/week)
Egg color: Dark Brown
Egg size: Extra Large

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