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Willem Hoekstra

The basics:
According to The Dorking Club, "The Dorking is one of the oldest British breeds being descended from stock brought to Britain by the Romans. Columella's "Book of Husbandry", written in 50 AD, mentions five-toed fowls, which is one of the distinguishing features of the Dorking. It was developed in Victorian times mainly as a table bird, having delicate white flesh with a long body and short legs."

Types: Bantam, Largefowl
Varieties (Rose and Single Comb): Black, Colored, Crele, Cuckoo, Dark, Red, Spangled, Silver Grey, White
Uses: Eggs, Meat
Bantam: 32- 36 oz
Largefowl: 7 - 9 lbs
Personality: Sweet and calm natured. In a mixed flock, the Dorking is often lower on the pecking order.
Broody: Yes, excellent mother
Preferred climate: Any, but the Rosecombs are more suitable for colder climates.
Handles confinement: Yes
Egg production: Good (3/week)
Egg color: White or Cream
Egg size: Large

What else you should know:
Some bloodlines have low fertility and overall vigor. Single combed males are not suitable for cold environments and will develop frostbite if left in an unheated coop.


great forager, great meat birds, docile temperaments, great mothers, hardy variety


small farm egg, big red combs, cold winters


silvergray Dorking, lovely pets, extremely rare bantam, decent dual purpose, Roman times

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