Ayam Kedu Chicken

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The basics:
The Ayam Kedu Chicken is one of the traditional chicken breeds of Indonesia and they derive from Kedu plains of central Java. It is believed that they are derived from the Ayam Bekisar (green junglefowl x domestic chicken) cross of Java. These birds have been used as sacrificial animals for centuries.

The Ayam Kedu is a medium-sized upright hard-feathered breed or chicken that is found in three colour forms: Ayam Kedu Kedu (black feathers and white skin), Ayam Kedu Hsian (partridge-pattern feathers) and Ayam Kedu Cemani (black feathers, black skin and black flesh). The Ayam Kedu Cemani is considered as a separate breed in Europe and North America and is known as Ayam Cemani.

Types: Largefowl
Varieties (Single Comb): Black, Partridge
Uses: Eggs, Exhibition
Weight: 1 - 1.8 kg
Personality: Calm, easily handled and slow moving. Roosters are not particularly territorial.
Broody: Yes
Preferred climate: Warm
Handles confinement: Yes
Egg production: Fair (2/week)
Egg color: White
Egg size: Medium

What else you should know:
The Ayam Kedu should be provided with plenty of perch space.

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