Assendelfter Chicken

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Willem Hoekstra

The basics:
The Assendelfter Chicken was developed in the Zaan region of the Netherlands. It free ranged in the bog lands for many years, and is thought to be a close relation to the Frisian Hoen. The breed enjoyed popularity, until the introduction of the Leghorn. Now, the Assendelfter remains by several small breeders that are dedicated to the breeds continuance.

Types: Bantam and Largefowl
Varieties (Rosecomb): Citron, Gold, and Silver Penciled
Uses: Eggs, Ornamental, Exhibition, Preservation
Weight: Largefowl: 2.5 - 3.75 lbs
Personality: Energetic and nervous. Will settle down with regular handling and food.
Broody: No
Preferred climate: Any
Handles confinement: No
Egg production: Very good (4/week)
Egg color: White
Egg size: Large

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