Ameraucana Chicken

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The basics:
The Ameraucana is a relatively new breed, that was developed in the United States of America. These birds are best known for their lovely blue eggs and adorable fluffy beards. The Ameraucana breed is often confused with the Easter Egger, which is often sold by hatcheries as Ameraucanas or Americanas.

Types: Bantam and Largefowl
Varieties (Pea Comb): Black, Blue, Blue Wheaten, Brown Red, Buff, Lavender, Mottled, Silver, Wheaten and White
Uses: Eggs
Bantam: 1.5 - 2 lb
Largefowl: 5.5 - 6.5 lb
Personality: These playful chickens charm this owners with their social and sweet nature
Broody: Occasionally
Preferred climate: Any
Handles confinement: Yes
Egg production: Good (3/week)
Egg color: Blue
Egg size: Medium Large

What else you should know:
Egg production and setting ability vary amongst the color varieties. Hens of this breed start laying around seven months of age, and will only lay blue eggs. If hens lay any other color of eggs, they are not true Ameraucanas.


gentle disposition, Beautiful Colors, sweet bird, Gorgeous Birds, blue eggs, sky blue, Nicest Bird


little high strung, nervous temprement


medium sized bird, medium sized eggs, substantial shells, moderate producers

Ameraucana Chicken Behavior Tip

Ameraucana Chicken

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