White Park Cattle

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Other common names: Park Cattle; Ancient White Park Cattle; White Forest Cattle; White Horned Cattle; Wild White Cattle

The basics:
According to the Oklahoma State University, "The White Park is a horned cattle breed which is white with colored points. White cattle with colored points are first mentioned in old Irish sagas dating back almost 2,000 years. In the early 1800's...there were more than a dozen pure White Park herds though most were exterminated by the turn of the century. When the Rare Breeds Survival Trust was formed in Britain in 1973 these remaining herds were given the communal name "White Park".

White Park Cattle are sometimes confused with British White Cattle. Both breeds share a similar ancestry and appearance, except that British White Cattle are a polled (hornless) breed.

Appearance / health:
According to the Oklahoma State University, "The White Park is genetically far distant from all British breeds and this has been established by blood typing. The breeds that appear to be most closely related to the White Park are the Highland and Galloway of Scotland. The White Park is a medium-size animal with mature bulls in working condition weighing approximately 2100 pounds and cows 1400 pounds. Their value in the beef industry lies in the high quality of their meat and in their great genetic distance from other breeds which will increase the heterosis effects in crossbreeding systems."


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