Miniature Zebu Cattle

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Other common names: Nadudana Cattle; Nadudana Zebu Cattle; Miniature Brahman Cattle; Dwarf Zebu; Zwergzebu

The basics:
Zebu cattle are a type of humped cattle native to South Asia, particularly the Indian subcontinent. There are some 75 known breeds and varieties of Zebu Cattle. According to the International Miniature Zebu Association, "In Southern India, which is one of the principal cattle-raising districts of all India, there exists cattle known as "Nadudana" or small cattle. A few of these were imported in the 1920's for zoological gardens in the U.S.A.."

Appearance / health:
According to the International Miniature Zebu Association, "In describing the traits which constitute "standards" for the Miniature Zebu, we lean heavily on the standards which evolved during the development of this breed over the past 75 years here in the United States. Therefore, in general terms our standards are as follows:

* Head: Moderately long coffin-shaped skull, orbital arches not prominent, slightly convex in profile. Forehead prominent.
* Horns: Relatively short-horned (12") curving outwards and upwards, although down-swept is seen.
* Hump: Large in bulls, but not always highly developed in cows. Placed just ahead of, or directly above shoulders. Upright and firm.
* Legs and Feet: Medium length, well proportioned; strong and somewhat fine boned. Short fetlocks and hard small hooves with equal halves and small cleft.
* Color: Black, red, spotted or steel gray to almost pure white. In mature bulls the neck, shoulders, and hump may be nearly black.
* Size: Measured at withers, behind the hump and not to exceed 42" at three years of age. Mature cows should be 300 to 500 pounds; mature bulls from 400 to 600 pounds."


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Miniature Zebu Cattle

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