Miniature Texas Longhorn Cattle

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Other common names: Miniature Longhorn; Miniature Texas Longhorn; MTL;

The basics:
The Miniature Texas Longhorn is a smaller version of the Texas Longhorn. The Miniature Longhorn was created by selective breeding for small size, and cows may be a maximum of 45 inches tall, with bulls being a max of 48 inches.

According to the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (TLBAA), "Miniature Texas Longhorns are descendants of standard-sized longhorns that have been selectively bred to reduce their size to approximately 1/3 that of their larger cousins." The Miniature Texas Longhorn is considered to be ideal for smaller properties, and for showing. It still retains the hardiness, easy birthing, lean meat, high fertility, and docile temperament of its full size relative. The Miniature Texas Longhorn can now be registered separately through the Miniature Texas Longhorn Breeders Group.

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