Hereford Cattle x Texas Longhorn Cattle Cross

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The basics:
The Hereford breed of cattle originated in Herefordshire, England sometime in the mid-1700s when farmers needed to produce more beef to meet the demand. They were first introduced to the United States in the early 1800s and have since become a popular meat cattle not only in southwest USA, but also in Central America, Australia, and New Zealand, where they are the largest registered breed.

The Texas Longhorn is a cattle breed which is distinguished by its exceptionally long horns and its ability to survive in hot, sparse terrain with little supplemental feed. The Texas Longhorn was developed in southern Texas in the early 1800's, and is a descendant of Spanish, English and Mexican cattle.

Crossbreeding Texas Longhorns and Herefords is done to increase hybrid vigor and to improve calving.

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