Aubrac Cattle

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Other common names: Laguiole

The basics:
Aubrac Cattle is a beef breed which originated in the Aubrac region of southern France. Being native to the Massif Central mountains and plateaux, the Aubrac is known for its disease resistance, easy calving and hardiness.

Aubrac Cattle were popular in France up to World War II, but saw a decline in the post-war era. In the late 1970's they were first exported to North America. Today, the population of Aubrac has increased worldwide, and are appreciated for their easy-keeping, grass foraging qualities, and for producing lean, high-quality carcasses.

Appearance / health:
The Aubrac is a tan color, with a darker area on the nose and eyes. The eyes are circled with white. Most have lyre-shaped horns which point backwards, though some Aubrac are now polled (without horns).

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