Trinidad Olive Tarantula

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Other common names: Trinidad Gold Tarantula; Trinidad Dwarf Olive Tarantula

Scientific name: Holothele incei

The basics:
The Trinidad Olive Tarantula is a small terrestrial tarantula which is native to scrub and tropical rainforest regions of the island of Trinidad.

Appearance / health:
2-3" DLS (diagonal leg span) in females, males are 1.5-2" upon maturity. This species is an overall olive coloration with black markings, unless it is of the gold color form - these spiders are a solid copper-gold color.

Behavior / temperament:
Fast and skittish, somewhat defensive. This is another species that has been kept communally with success as long as the enclosure is large enough, the prey items ample, and hiding places abundant for individuals to claim their own territories.

Small to medium terrestrial enclosure with ample substrate in which to burrow and multiple hiding places.
Easy to care for, as long as light to moderate humidity is provided, as well as burrowing opportunities and multiple hiding places.

Invertebrates smaller than itself - crickets, roaches, mealworms.

Easy to breed


unique color forms, neat little semidwarf, neat little web


communal setup


diverse cage environments, olive colored animals, solid golden color

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