Thailand Black Tarantula

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Other common names: Lesser Thailand Black Birdeater Tarantula; Thai Black

Scientific name: Haplopelma minax

The basics:
The Thailand Black Tarantula is a terrestrial burrower originating in the rain forests of northern Thailand and Malaysia. They will burrow under hard objects making a city of tunnels underground. The opening of the burrow is usually under rocks, logs, and other objects on the ground.

Appearance / health:
Just as its common name suggests, this tarantula is black. The hair on its body gives it a velvety black like appearance. Some specimens have a white or tan ring around the carapace. These tarantulas can reach up to 6 inches as adults.

Behavior / temperament:
These tarantulas are not known for being nice. They are very fast and very aggressive. They lack urticating hairs so will almost always resort to other methods of scaring off predators. One of these methods is biting, with the other being to run away very quickly. These are not a beginner’s tarantula and should only be kept by experienced tarantula keepers.

Adults are usually kept in a 5-10 gallon tank spiderlings and younger tarantulas may be kept in pill bottles or smaller clear plastic containers. Floor space is much more important than height.

These tarantulas like it hot and humid. Temperature levels should be kept between 80-90F with humidity levels mirroring the temps at 80-90%. Temperatures may drop to 70F but not for long periods of time. Substrate should be a mix of peat moss, vermiculite, potting soil, and the like. Substrate should be kept 5-8 inches deep and slightly moist. It shouldn’t be sopping wet, but shouldn’t blow away if you blow on it. Keeping a shallow water dish will also help keep up the humidity. Spraying the tank a few times a week will also keep the humidity up. Add tank décor that will only allow this tarantula to hide. They do not climb and are not good at it, so they can get hurt if there are items to climb on. A piece of cork bark, or half a flower pot for a hiding spot is all that’s really needed.

Thailand Black Tarantulas will eat anything smaller than its body. Adults will eat crickets, cockroaches, grasshoppers, super worms and other insects. Spiderlings and younger tarantulas will need to be fed mini mealworms, fruit flies, and pin head crickets.

Breeding has been known to be very difficult as both sexes of this species are very aggressive. Because of this, these are not easily found in captivity.


cobalt blue, dig deep burrows


aggressive ts, notorious potent bite

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