Tanzanian Chestnut Baboon Tarantula

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Scientific name: Heterothele villosella

The basics:
The Tanzanian Chestnut Baboon Tarantula is a terrestrial tarantula which is found throughout East Africa.

Appearance / health:
1.5 - 2" DLS (diagonal leg span), these spiders are an overall chestnut color with black markings.

Behavior / temperament:
This is one of a few species of tarantula that some hobbyists have been able to successfully keep communally, provided the enclosure is large enough, the prey supply ample, and hiding places abundant for individuals to claim their own territories. They are fast, skittish and defensive.

Small terrestrial enclosure with ample hiding spaces and enough substrate in which to burrow. Very easy to care for - these prefer mostly dry conditions (lower humidity), ample places to hide and retreat and enough substrate for multiple burrows.

Invertebrates smaller than itself - crickets, roaches, flightless fruit flies.

Easy to breed

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