Stripeleg Tarantula

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Other common names: Andean Stripeleg Tarantula; Peru Giant Stripe Knee Tarantula; Peruvian Goliath Stripe-leg Tarantula; Orange Striped Bird Eater Tarantula; Goliath Stripeleg Tarantula; Peruvian Goliath Striped Knee Bird Eater Tarantula

Scientific name: Lasiodorides striatus

The basics:
The Stripeleg Tarantula is a terrestrial New World species native to Peru. It is a large spider, and can reach 7-8 inches in leg-span. Lasiodorides striatus is an unusual species in the hobby.

Appearance / health:
Stripeleg Tarantulas have dark-brown or black bodies, with orange / brown stripes on their legs.

Behavior / temperament:
The Stripeleg Tarantula is typically calm and non-aggressive, but it can kick urticating hairs if disturbed.

75F during the day with humidity at around 75%.


successful egg hatching, overall dark coloration, large


possible climbing issues, special environmental requirements

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Stripeleg Tarantula

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