Pink Zebra Beauty Tarantula

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Scientific name: Eupalaestrus campestratus

The basics:
The Pink Zebra Beauty Tarantula is a terrestrial tarantula which is native to grasslands and savannahs in Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina.

Eupalaestrus campestratus is considered to be a very docile species, which makes it an excellent beginner's tarantula.

Appearance / health:
The Pink Zebra Beauty Tarantula grows to 5 - 6 inches. It is brownish-black and has yellow striped markings near its "knees".

The Pink Zebra Beauty Tarantula is slow moving and generally considered hardy in captivity. Being a terrestrial species, an adult can live in a 5 - 10 gallon tank.

Habitat should be kept at 75 - 80 degrees F, with humidity of 65 - 75%. Substrate should consist of 3 - 5 inches of peat moss or potting soil.

Eupalaestrus campestratus spiderlings can be fed pinhead crickets and other small insects. Adult Pink Zebra Beauty Tarantulas eat crickets, other large insects, and an occasional pinkie mouse.


docile tarantulas, GREAT tarantula, subtle beauty, Great beginner species


feeding underground, slow growth


new world tarantula, spiderling baby spider, quality peat mosstype, immensely calming energy

Pink Zebra Beauty Tarantula Health Tip

Pink Zebra Beauty Tarantula

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Pink Zebra Beauty Tarantula

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