Peruvian Pinktoe Tarantula

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Other common names: Peru Purple Pinktoe Tarantula; Peru Purple Pink Toe Tarantula; Peru Purple Tarantula; Blue Pink Toe Tarantula

Scientific name: Avicularia urticans

The basics:
The Peruvian Pinktoe Tarantula is an arboreal New World tarantula which is native to the nowrthwest Amazon Basin rainforest, particularly northeast Peru.

Appearance / health:
Adults reach leg spans of roughly 5-6" on average. Spiderlings are the typical "Avic" coloration of pink with a striped abdomen and black "boots," but mature into adults that are an overall bluish-purple with pinkish purple setae (hairs) on the abdomen and bright pink feet.

Behavior / temperament:
Can be skittish, but is usually relatively calm and docile. Those familiar with tarantulas can usually handle them with ease.

Arboreal housing (more height than floor space). Provide a large arboreal enclosure, with plenty of air flow and steady (but not swampy) humidity.

Invertebrates smaller than itself - crickets, roaches, mealworms.



pink highlights, particularly hairy body


arboreal tarantulas

Peruvian Pinktoe Tarantula Health Tip

Peruvian Pinktoe Tarantula

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