Peruvian Flame Rump Tarantula

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Other common names: Peru Flame Rump; Peru Orange Rump; Flame Rump Tree Spider

Scientific name: Thrixopelma Ockerti

The basics:
The Peruvian Flame Rump Tarantula is a handsome terrestrial tarantula which is found in tropical forests in Peru. They are somewhat uncommon in the pet trade and tend to be quite skittish and readily kick urticating hairs.

Appearance / health:
Thrixopelma Ockerti has a pink/red abdomen, and green carapace and legs. Females reach 5-6 inches in size, and males are 3-4 inches. Life expectancy for females is 12-15 years, and males live 4-5 years.

The Peruvian Flame Rump Tarantula is considered to be semi-arboreal.

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