New River Rust Rump Tarantula

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Scientific name: Aphonopelma sp. New River

The basics:
The New River Rust Rump Tarantula is a terrestrial Tarantula species from the New River region in Arizona. They are popular in the hobby for their handsome coloring and meild temperaments. They can grow to 5 inches.

Appearance / health:
Carapace is light golden as legs, and the abdomen is black covered with bright red setae.

Behavior / temperament:
The New River Rust Rump Tarantula has a mild temperament, however it can be a little skittish and prone to sudden darting movement. As with most American tarantulas, New River Rust Rumps have irritating, urticating hairs on its abdomen. If stressed, it may “kick” these hairs. these hairs in a very small cloud behind it.

Being from arid habitats in Arizona, the ideal substrate for the New River Rust Rump would be sand. Temperatures should be kept between 76 - 84 F.

A small shallow dish can be used to provide water. Other tank décor should be added to make climbing easy since they are tree dwellers by nature.

The New River is an aggressive feeder, and will eat anything from crickets, grasshoppers, cockroaches, beetles, moths, and other flying insects, to anole lizards. They will also take mealworms and moth larvae, but these have to be given sparingly due to their fat percentage and the calcium-phosphor.proportions. Additionally to normal food, meat (for example chicken hearts) can be given on rare occasion; but because the spiders react to movement, it has to be moved with a tweezer or a thread.


white colored legs, stunning looking tarantula, Beautiful US tarantula, great unusual addition


slow growers


fairly unusual Aphonopelma, slowest growing tarantulas, dusky brown, light tan head

New River Rust Rump Tarantula Health Tip

New River Rust Rump Tarantula

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