Mexican Red Leg Tarantula

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Other common names: Mexican Painted Tarantula; Mexican Blackcap Tarantula; True Red Leg Tarantula

Scientific name: Brachypelma emilia

The basics:
The Mexican Red Leg Tarantula is a terrestrial species which is native to arid semi-desert scrublands in Mexico.

Appearance / health:
The overall color of these tarantulas is a dark mahogany brown. The legs and abdomen are usually red to a red-orange like color. The back carapace is a beige or tan like color that has always has triangle facing to the abdomen. They can grow up to 5 inches including leg span.

Behavior / temperament:
Mexican Red Legs are a docile and calm species, however they can be skittish at times. If threatened or uncomfortable, they will flick hairs off their abdomens. This is a beautiful spider and commonly sought after because of their docile temperaments making them easy for beginners. Handling can be done, but the handler must take much care not to drop or let the tarantula run away.

A 5-10 gallon tank is commonly used for this species. Since they are terrestrial, floor space is more important than height.

The temperature requirement for this tarantula is 70-75F. Humidity levels should be around 65-70% and never falling below 55%. Keep an open shallow water dish inside the tank and clean it frequently. Spraying the tank once a week or more will also help keep up the humidity. The substrate should be a mix of peat moss and vermiculite that should also be moist and at least 2 inches deep. Provide hiding areas and other tank décor.

Any type of insects including crickets, locusts, cockroaches, and grasshoppers. Larger adults may have an occasional pinkie mouse as well.


beginner spider, great spider, gentle giants, stunning display, coloration


defensive action, gluttons, hairs


relatively placid temperament

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Mexican Red Leg Tarantula

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Mexican Red Leg Tarantula

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