Mexican Golden Red Rump Tarantula

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Scientific name: Brachypelma albiceps / ruhnaui

The basics:
The Mexican Golden Red Rump Tarantula is a terrestrial tarantula that originates from Mexico and throughout other parts of Central America. They usually overtake burrows or are found under rocks, logs, and other landscape items.

Appearance / health:
The Mexican Golden Red Rump Tarantula can reach 5 1/2" to 6" in length. These spiders are exceptionally slow growers and have impressive life spans of around 20 years for females.

Behavior / temperament:
The Mexican Golden Red Rump Tarantula is usually pretty docile. It will readily flick hairs off its abdomen when threatened, but will not resort to other threats unless steadily provoked. They can be handled very carefully, and should not be done frequently.

This species, like most tarantulas when held in captivity, often become cannibalistic, so individuals must be kept singly, though brief captive introductions of a mate for breeding purposes rarely result in a dead spider, so long as they are separated once they have finished.

Temperatures for the Golden Red Rump should be kept between 75-80F with lower humidity levels of 65-70%. Substrate should be a mix of potting soil, peat moss, vermiculite or coco fiber, and should be kept semi-moist and 3-5 inches deep. A shallow water dish may be provided and cleaned frequently. Add tank décor that will allow this tarantula to hide and possibly burrow. A half flower pot, cork bark, and other items may be added.

Any large insects will be suitable to feed. Crickets, cockroaches, grasshoppers, super worms, and others may be fed. For spiderlings and younger tarantulas, fruit flies and pin head crickets may be fed. Larger adult specimens may get an occasional pinkie mouse.

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