Malaysian Earth Tiger Tarantula

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Other common names: Asian Chevron Tarantula

Scientific name: Cyriopagopus thorelli

The basics:
The Malaysian Earth Tiger Tarantula is an opportunistic terrestrial and sometimes semi-arboreal tarantula found in Malaysia. They will make use of almost any hiding area whether a burrow, rodent hole, a crack or hole in a tree, under rocks, and other hiding areas.

Appearance / health:
The average size for this species of tarantula is 6-9 inches, although there has been notice of some reaching up to 11 inches. Their legs are primarily a dark grey color. Their abdomen is also this dark grey color but has tan or light brown tiger or zebra like stripes on top of the grey. Their backs are a beige-tan color and can look yellowish at times.

Behavior / temperament:
Malaysian Earth Tiger Tarantulas are a nervous and aggressive species recommended for more experienced keepers. They will not tolerate anything coming near it, even if it is enormously outsized. It will throw a threat pose and attack without any hesitance. Not good for beginners. Since this is a fairly new species to captive collections, these are not easily found and will be pricey if located.

Adult Earth Tigers can live in a 5-10 gallon tank and young tarantulas and spiderlings can live easily in a clear plastic container. Floor space is more important than height.

Temperature should be on the higher side; around 80-90F. Humidity levels are fairly high as well, needing to stay around 75-82%. Substrate should be a mix or peat moss and vermiculite or potting soil and should be 4-6 inches deep. Substrate should be kept damp but not overly wet. Provide many different hiding areas. Cork bark, sideways plant pots, fake or real plants, and other décor can be used. A shallow water dish may be provided and changed frequently.

Any large insects including crickets, cockroaches, grasshoppers, and others. Adults may also get an occasional pinkie mouse 1-2 times a month.

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