Costa Rican Red Tarantula

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Other common names: Red Tarantula

Scientific name: Brachypelma angustum

The basics:
The Costa Rican Red Tarantula is a terrestrial tarantula found in the forests of both Mexico and Central America commonly found hiding under rocks and other landscape. They have been noted to burrow as well.

Appearance / health:
By their common name, you would first think that these tarantulas are red, but only half of that is correct. Their overall body and leg color is actually a dark brown to black color. They get the redness from the shaggy red hairs that cover the body. These are a smaller tarantula, growing up to 4-5 inches.

Behavior / temperament:
Unlike most of the Brachypelma Tarantulas, this one is less docile. These are easily handled but they do tend to be a little nervous at times and will flick hairs off their abdomens if threatened. They may be hard to find in captivity, but if found they are still decently priced and won’t burn your pockets. If you’re a beginner this tarantula would be a nice one to start with.

An adult can live its entire life in a 5-10 gallon tank without worry. Young tarantulas and spiderlings can live in clear plastic containers until they are large enough for an adult enclosure.

Temperature for this species should be kept between 75-85F with humidity levels nearly the same at 75-80%. Substrate, like with most tarantulas should be a mix of vermiculite and peat moss that’s damp enough to hold shape but not drip water. Substrate depth should be 4-6 inches to allow possible burrowing. A water dish may be provided and cleaned frequently to also help with humidity. Tank décor should be items that will easily help this species hide and burrow under. Driftwood, cork bark, fake plants, etc will be fine.

Red Tarantulas will take nearly any medium sized insects. These include crickets, cockroaches, locusts, and even super worms. Other medium sized insects may be fed as well.

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