Chilean Copper Tarantula

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Other common names: Chilean Pink Burst Tarantula

Scientific name: Paraphysa scrofa

The basics:
The Chilean Copper Tarantula is a terrestrial species which is native to Argentina and Chile.

Appearance / health:
3" DLS (diagonal leg span) for adult females, mature males only reach 1.5". They are a solid rust/copper in color, with a large, predominant mirror patch on the abdomen.

Behavior / temperament:
Slightly skittish, but overall calm and docile.

Small to medium terrestrial enclosure with at least one hiding space.

Very easy to care for. This species prefers low humidity, but requires access to a water dish and at least one place to hide. They may or may not burrow Breeding: Moderately difficult. Females are known for cannibalizing males, and environmental stimuli may be needed for wild caught females to produce a sac in captivity.

Invertebrates smaller than itself - crickets, roaches, mealworms


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great classroom pet, Coolest Molting Process, electric heating pads, proper ventilation

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