Brazilian Fire Red Tarantula

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Other common names: Fire Red Bird Eater Tarantula

Scientific name: Lasiodora difficilis

The basics:
The Brazilian Fire Red Tarantula is a terrestrial species which is native to tropical rain forests in Brazil. It is one of the largest, and heaviest tarantula species.

Appearance / health:
Lasiodora difficilis has a dark rusty red / brown body and reddish abdomen. Adults reach 10" in leg span.

Temperatures are best when kept between 80-85F and humidity levels of 75-80%. Substrate can be potting soil or a peat moss/vermiculite mix and should be 3-5 inches deep. Keep the substrate moist, but not overly wet to help keep the humidity up. A small shallow water dish can be added as well, and cleaned frequently. Add tank décor that will allow this tarantula to hide. Cork bark, driftwood, fake plants and other items may be added.

Adults will take any large insects such as crickets, grasshoppers, cockroaches, and others. Larger adults can have an occasional pinkie mouse. Spiderlings and younger tarantulas will eat pin head crickets and fruit flies.

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